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Jual Proceq Hammer Test Silver Schmidt Live Os8200#081289854242

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Deskripsi ] Jual Proceq Hammer Test Silver Schmidt Live Os8200#081289854242

The Silver Schmidt Live is the latest version of Proceq’s Q Value Rebound Hammer.

Schmidt hammers are most commonly used for evaluating the strength and uniformity of concrete.

Part of the Live instrument family from Proceq, the new iOS and Android application records measurements and supports instant reporting and information sharing between users.

Traditional Hammers Vs Silver Schmidt
Classical rebound hammers are often used to evaluate the strength of in-situ concrete, but such hammers suffer from the following insufficiencies:

1. The rebound value is dependent on the impact direction.
2. The rebound value is affected by internal friction.
3. Limited tightness of sealing causes premature loss of accuracy.

The unique design and high quality construction of the Silver Schmidt address all of these issues and makes Schmidt hammer testing quicker and more accurate than ever before.

Conversion curves are provided for a wide range of concrete compressive strength, including low and high strength concrete fc <10 MPa (5MPa using Mushroom Head) and up to 100MPa.

The iOS and Android application supports visual report generation with lists, bar charts and statistical information. Single or multiple series can be exported to .csv or as a .pdf report.

The Logbook function allows the operator to make notes, take photos and records his GPS geolocation with each measurement series.

SS Live VerificationDependable Measuring Results
High accuracy due to differential optical absolute velocity encoder
Measurement inherently independent of impact direction, meaning no corrections necessary
Built-in correction for carbonation and form factor gives increased test accuracy and dependability of test results
Registration of true rebound coefficient yields extended resolution across a wider range
Automatic Verification management with the optional portable verification anvil
Controlled and Extended Functionality
Automatic control of functionality by monitoring impact energy
Low power consumption, standard, flight safe AA NIMH battery
The Mushroom Head attachment has a larger surface area and is used for early age strength or softer materials
Suitable for testing a wide variety of concrete, mortar, rock, paper and plastics
Ideally suited for on-site testing for the strength of concrete
Handy for difficult to access or confined test areas (i.e. working overhead)
Especially convenient for testing on tunnel linings as measurements are independent of impact direction
Report Creation and Export within Live Application on Android and iOS
Automatic conversion to the required measurement unit (MPa, kg/cm2, psi),
Various statistics to comply with standards or user specified procedures
Custom presets of test parameters for various testing scenarios can be stored and later recalled
Quick review of previous measurements
SS Live MushroomLow Strength Concrete
Type L hammers strike with a lower impact energy and are suitable for testing of thin concrete sections and where the hammer is to be used primarily for low strength concretes down to 10mpa.

If concrete is softer than this the Mushroom Head accessory spreads the impact over a wider area and is suitable for testing concrete strengths as low as 5mpa.

Rock Testing
RockSchmidtThe Rock Schmidt is a dedicated version of the Silver Schmidt for rock testing applications, including correlations to unconfined compressive strength (UCS), youngs modulus and weathering grade.

The dedicated Rock Schmidt web page has more details

Measuring the True Rebound Coefficient (“Q”-Value)
The classic “R”-value is the mechanical travel of the mallet on rebound. It is affected by its friction on the guide rod, the friction of the gauge, gravity, the relative velocity between unit and mechanical parts. This is true for all concrete test hammers currently on the market.

The Silver Schmidt acquires the “Q”-value by measuring the velocity (V) of impact and of rebound immediately before and after the impact. The “Q”-value need not be corrected for impact direction. There is a clear relationship between the “Q” and the “R”-value.

The “Q”-value [=rebound V divided by inbound V] represents the physical rebound coefficient. It is virtually free of all the above error sources. It is thus the indicator of choice to be used as a basis to convert to compressive strength.

Silver Schmidt, Schmidt Hammer, Schmidt Hammer Test, Hammer Test, The strength of concreteNew Improved Plunger
The lightweight hybrid design of the impact plunger is made from aerospace alloy, matched to the elastic properties of the concrete and equipped with a hardened steel cap. Independent validation testing by BAM in Berlin has shown the Silver Schmidt to have less dispersion than the classical hammer over the entire range.

SS Live WebAppProceq Live Web App
Proceq’s Schmidt Live web based reporting tool allows operators and their colleagues to review data collected in the field with a Silver Schmidt Live. It presents the measurements, statics and conversion into engineering units. The Logbook details can also be reviewed.

10th Percentile Conversion Curve
A lower 10th percentile curve is recommended by the major standards EN 13791 and ASTM C805/ACI 228.1 to provide a safety margin to take into account the various factors that may affect the in-situ tests. 90% of the data pairs lie above the curve and 10% lie below. This curve is intended to give a conservative estimate in those cases that the hammer is not calibrated for the specific mix under test. For older hammers firmware release v1.0.3 adds the new curve to your hammer.

Compliance with Standards
Data collection and processing of test results comply with major industry standards: EN 12504-2, ENV 206 ASTM C805, ASTM D5873 (Rock), BS 1881, part 202

Test Hammer
Type N

Type L

Impact Energy
2.207 Nm

0.735 Nm

Compressive Strength Range
10 – 100 MPa

10 – 100MPa (5 – 100 MPa with Mushroom Head)


Battery Life > 20’000 impacts between charges
Battery Standard AAA, alkaline or rechargeable
Display Any compatible Apple iOS device (please see App Store for details)
Any supported Android device (see Google Play Store for details)
Instrument memory > 20’000 impacts

Display memory – Memory of iOS or Android device

Connections Low energy Bluetooth, USB for charging and updates
Operating Temperature 0° to 50°C
*6 months Mechanical Components and Battery

2 Years Electrical Components

Nusatama Store
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Dekat futsal kurnia 2
Telepon : (021)2756-4609
Hp : 081289854242/08176755161
Website :
Melayani Pengiriman Seluruh Indonesia
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